Project Overview: Country Roads Delivers (CRD) was conceptualized to bridge the gap in delivery services for rural and underserved areas, providing a platform akin to Uber Eats but tailored for the country. Spearheaded by Meagan Banet, the project aimed to connect local businesses with their communities more effectively, enhancing local commerce through technology.

Goals and Objectives

Client’s Vision: Meagan Banet envisioned a comprehensive service that would not only cater to the food delivery needs of rural residents but also support local merchants and enhance economic activity within these communities. The primary objectives included building a user-friendly digital presence and establishing a robust logistical framework that would support both immediate and scalable future needs.

Strategy and Development

Branding and Identity: A distinctive logo was created to represent CRD, symbolizing the blend of rural charm with modern delivery convenience. The logo's design reflects CRD’s commitment to community and local values, using earth tones and imagery associated with country roads and landscapes.

Website and Mobile Apps:

  • Customer Website and App: Developed to offer seamless browsing, selection, and payment processes. The platform allows customers to order from local businesses with just a few clicks, featuring real-time tracking and a user-friendly interface designed to accommodate users of all tech levels.
  • Driver Portal and App: Focused on flexibility and ease, the driver app includes features for route optimization, schedule management, and earnings tracking, ensuring a smooth process from pickup to delivery.
  • Merchant Portal: Provides merchants with tools to manage menus, track orders, and update inventory in real-time, helping them expand their customer reach without increasing physical footprints.

Technology Implementation

Tech Stack: The tech stack was carefully chosen for scalability and reliability. We used:

  • Frontend: React for dynamic user interfaces.
  • Backend: Node.js with Express for robust server-side logic.
  • Database: SQL for flexible data storage and reliability.
  • Cloud Services: AWS for hosting and scalability.

Challenges and Solutions: One significant challenge was ensuring reliable connectivity and functionality in rural areas, often characterized by lower internet penetration. The solution involved optimizing the apps for low-bandwidth environments and integrating offline functionalities where possible.

User Experience Design

Emphasis was placed on creating an intuitive design that could be easily navigated by all users, regardless of their technological expertise. The interface was tested in various rural settings to ensure its accessibility and usability.

Anticipated Outcomes and Metrics

Pre-Launch Feedback: Early feedback from beta testers has been overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the app’s ease of use and the inclusivity of the service. Initial metrics from our marketing campaigns have shown a promising interest level, with several hundred sign-ups for updates and early access.

Future Goals: Post-launch, we aim to monitor user engagement and satisfaction closely, using these metrics to refine and expand our services, with the potential goal of scaling to additional rural regions.


Country Roads Delivers stands as a testament to innovative problem-solving and community-focused service delivery. This project not only highlights my capabilities in tech development and strategic planning but also underscores a commitment to enhancing rural accessibility to services, promising a brighter, more connected future for remote communities.

Check out the links below to explore the application and marketing materials for Country Roads Delivers. As we continue to onboard drivers and partner with local restaurants and merchants, our platform remains a dynamic work in progress. We're gearing up for an exciting launch in Summer 2024.

  • Client
    Meagan Banet Lamb
  • Budget
  • Duration
    8 Months

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